Never fear the
U-turn again!

Why Learn to Ride Like A Pro©

Become the rider you know you can be.
Learn new skills. Improve your abilities. Challenge yourself.
As a Rider do you:

  • Fear dropping your bike?
  • Are you a “Foot Dragger”?
  • “Walk The Dog” at red lights?
  • Know how to pick up your bike?
  • Feel unsteady when riding slow?
  • Wear out your boots before your tires?
  • Take up 3 lanes of traffic to make a U-Turn?
  • Avoid making slow tight turns in parking lots?

Then it’s time to get rid of those old bad habits and receive some instruction in: Police Style Motorcycling!

What You Will Need

  • Your Own Motorcycle In Good Mechanical Condition
  • A Valid Motorcycle License/Endorsement
  • Insurance for Yourself and Motorcycle
  • Proper Riding Gear Required (Jeans, Helmet, Over-the-ankle boots, Gloves, Eye Protection)
  • Desire to Learn New Riding Skills
  • A Positive Attitude

What to Expect

  • 5 Hours of Learning Advanced Riding Skills
  • Average Speed of All Learning Exercises is 6-12 mph
  • Rapid - Easy to Learn Skills Progression Format
  • A Certificate Of Completion
  • A Safe and Fun Learning Experience

What my classes consist of

My Ride Like a Pro Class is focused on teaching the rider the three Motor Officer techniques the Police have been trained in for more than 60 years. This course is based on low speed motorcycle handling techniques. The average speed on the course is approximately 6-12 mph. The importance of low speed motorcycle training is, when driving below 15 mph there is no gyroscopic effect and gravity tends to pull the motorcycle to the ground. Learning the three Motor Officer techniques prevents this from happening.

Most motorcycle accidents occur on the street below 20 mph, making low speed handling of the utmost importance. I base my course on the police training techniques taught by Jerry “The Motorman” Palladino, it will have your confidence, and skills improving 100% before my five hour class is complete.

In my rider course, you will get all the tips, tricks and techniques you will need to master, and bring your skills to a completely new level. Police Motor Officers are the top 2% of riders in America. They are able to handle an 800 lb. motorcycle with ease. They are able to do this because they know three techniques. When these techniques are properly used together they allow anyone regardless of size or strength to handle even the biggest, heaviest motorcycle with ease and confidence.

Class size is limited to eight students. This allows for a low rider to instructor ratio and gives the students more riding time. The course of instruction is based on the Ride Like a Pro instructional DVD and Exercise Guide. Each exercise builds on the next incorporating the skills learned in the previous exercises. Sign up with a friend, and make the class even more enjoyable! If you have a group or club that would like to take the course together that can also be arranged.

Discounts for Military (Veterans or Active) and First Responders (Police, Fire and EMS) (Retired or Active) Please contact me for details.

Group rates are available of a class of five or more. Contact me for details.

Private Classes Are Available On Request. Contact me for Information.